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The Century of The Tacos by misdreya The Century of The Tacos :iconmisdreya:misdreya 0 0
Need- Snupin Drabble
Title: Need
Warnings: Drama/Angst/very light slash that could be interpreted as something else. But if you squint hard enough, there's the implication there.
Rating: G - no sex or violence
Characters: Remus Lupin, Severus Snape
The moon was high and full in the night sky, silver strands of it caressed the windows and slipped into the bedrooms of Hogwarts castle. One of the only places it couldn't touch was the dark, windowless lair Remus was headed for.
He would be there, potion in hand.
He would be there, standing, waiting, expecting.
He would be there with that cold expression and hurtful smirk, screaming at him without words that he was filthy, tainted, a monster.
Remus supposed the passive aggressive guilt was Snape's own way of paying him back for all those years of teasing and pranks. To think, after all these years, it came down to this.
Remus stumbled into the dark room without knocking, hands trembling; he could feel
:iconmisdreya:misdreya 4 1
A rant on anime
Okay, lets just say this first.
I have not been exposed to anime long. I actually only started watching ANY sort of anime about 2 years ago when my husband introduced me to Lain and Akira.
Since then, the only anime that I have watched and LIKED was Naruto.
Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be over rated and “mainstream” or whatever. And I know that the episodes I like catching on comedy central are years old, and the actual manga/ Japanese show is years ahead, but you know what?
I don’t read the manga. I don’t live in japan. Nor do I really feel like shelling out money to pay for the original series. (I’ve watched some of the Shippuden (sp?) series on the internet for free, but from what I’ve heard the show has actually gone further than that! Who the heck is Kiren?)
That being said; most of what I will soon voice comes from what I’ve heard my friends and people on the internet say about Naruto, or anime shows in general. I don’t pretend
:iconmisdreya:misdreya 8 16


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United States
Current Residence: Apartment near the coast
Favourite genre of music: I love abstract stuff with lots of electrical music.
Favourite style of art: I love the "chibi" style of anime... It makes me so happy!
Operating System: MAC OSX
MP3 player of choice: iPOD original. Not any of this Too-Small-For-My-Hand "nano" crap.
Shell of choice: What?
Skin of choice: WHAT?!? D:
Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi from Naruto. (So sexy! What's under da mask? ooh!)
Personal Quote: "Why do today what you can leave off till next month? Or maybe the next..."
Even with the extension on our lease, we will have to clear out by june 31. And that's not TOO much of a problem, since we're actively in the active process of actively looking for an (active) house.


It's a lot harder than you might think, just like all the other things that have happened to me in the last few years. For example, when Russ asked me to marry him I figured, "Hey, cool! That sounds simple! What could go wrong?"
I went from that to almost in tears at the reception because we couldn't find the garter belt to do the belt ceremony thing, and my best friend almost punching one of the restaurants managers because they wouldn't let me take off my shoes inside.
So yeah. Same thing with the baby. Having a baby sounds simple, doesn't it? Conception then birth. Some oogey, lovey moments in between.
But no. I have to take special vitamins and get 32 vials of blood drawn and strange male doctors put there hands up my hoo hoo all the time. -_-; Dammit.
As for house, we found out we'd need a good couple tens of thousands of dollars just for a down payment, income check, closing costs and fees. So we have to apply for a loan from the government. that means going to workshops and counseling sessions..
Why can't things be ever be simple as an adult? That was the only reason I agreed to grow up; I figured it would get easier as I got older.



I just met an old friend again for the first time in years and we've been talking. That's cool, but I hope she wasn't freaked out by all the gay sex in my favorites! Oh yeah baby. ^_^


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